How to Pose – Tips for Models

How to Pose

Some Sample Poses and Tips for Beginners

by Falater Photography

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Posing is an important aspect of modeling. It’s important that models practice their posing and memorize at least two dozen poses that flatter them and show their strengths. Creating good studio shots and portfolios for models is a combination of many things: the lighting, the camera, the photographer, the model, the wardrobe, and the poses.

This guide is for beginners and I’ll add to it from time to time. It’s by no means complete or the only guide you should look at. Do your own research and practice. If you see a pose that you like in a magazine or modeling website, save it and refer to it. Practice it. Get a friend with a digital camera, stand in front of a wall, and practice your posing as if you’re on a real photo shoot. Go over the pictures and study them and find out which poses you like, what flatters you the most, and perfect your posing style and looks.

At a photoshoot, move to your next pose each time a picture is taken, the movements can be small or large or even a whole new position. Your photographer will give you feedback. After a few minutes, you will develop a rhythm with the photographer and your posing will become more natural and effortless.

Here’s some sample poses to start with, practice them before your photo shoots and find out which poses are right for you:

Pose Examples

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